Three forces aimed to shuffling Azerbaijan

Three power centers' monstrous plan to shuffle Azerbaijan seems to become reality.
This conclusion is based on running events in Azerbaijan associated with disturbing a society “bomb calls”.

“Every week at least once a day the residents of Baku again and again have to experience fear and anxiety. After each call the police declare alarm, encircle and check the appropriate territory paralyzing activity in the city. Then it turns out that this is another false call and a new criminal case is excited,” Azerbaijani agency of information and analysis, “Polygon” reports.

According to the edition, it turns out that in some cases these calls are teenagers’ jokes and attempts to prank.
But the law is the law and each case must be investigated that costs the state a pretty penny.
However “bomb calls” have acquired a total character and can’t be taken as an ordinary event any more.
In fact Azerbaijan is the country that suffers from terrorism. In addition, regular “bomb calls” complicate the already severed psychological state of society. On the other hand these calls can be a real warning. Thus mass psychosis in society is quite evident,” the author of article notes.

The agency noticed, the existence of forces interested in terror and capable of that was not a secret.
Actually the confirmation of the ability to conduct terrorist acts of groups of Wahhabi and radical Shiites is already obtained.
The only last year there were two notorious cases conducted. One of them is under trial.


Actual confirmation of the ability to conduct terrorist acts, are already available for groups of Wahhabi and radical Shiites. In one only last year, law enforcement agencies have been prosecuted on two notorious cases. One of them is currently under trial.
“The second one, known as “Səidin Dəstəsi” (Saeed’s group) is well-introduced to society. Last year’s explosions in “Abu Behr” mosque and terrorist attacks on a number of other objects turn out that “bomb call” can every moment come true. That is why the phone terrorism is seriously perceived. Sure, if not this any random call can turn into nightmare,” “Polygon” marked.
The author asks what, which factors are behind all these calls. Why these calls suddenly became so widespread and universal?

“To speak the truth it’s quite difficult to answer these questions clearly. For no one call confirmed. If only once a threat turned into a reality, it would be much easier to engage in a substantive conversation.

Meanwhile we have to think of forces that stay behind phone threats. The primary assumption is the fact of presence of forces interested in increasing tension in society, in maintaining the public’s sense of fear and anxiety as well as in presentation of their own opportunities,” Azerbaijani agency says. “It is important that those forces exist and show their threatening role, they check society and state vigilance by “bomb calls”, too. After the tactic of false calls, exhausting and eroding society, any moment can give start to monstrous plans of real terror.

Experts are working on this problem. On their opinion terrorist organizations often resort to such methods to probe the level of mobility and maneuverability of the authorities and society.

Specialists believe that the practice already tested in the Middle East now appeares in Azerbaijan. Trends suggest results of telephone attacks. It is not clear just when and where all these will happen.”

“What should we do to prevent the realization of threats? Note this question has nothing to do with methods of combating terrorism and is associated first of all with intentional phone threats and participation of children and minors. MIA’s experts call to take urgent action and involve parents into conduct of preventive measures. Formal structures argue they see no other way.”

“We have already marked there were threatening forces in Azerbaijan. So who are they? The primary and main source of threat is Armenia, who keeps under its control our territories for years and it tries to hold terrorist attacks in Baku as opportunity offers. The act of terrorism happened in 1994 in Baku tube confirms that Armenia is not going to give up its black intentions."

The second source Wahhabis are, who, according to the author, are the actual and real threat. The explosions in “Abu Behr” mosque confirmed clearly it was impossible to look at this religious movement “through fingers” and they are actually potential terrorists.

Our society is well aware of the bloody events committed by Wahhabis in Chechnya and Palestine as well as of financing and patronage of these forces from the radical religious structures of a number of Arab countries. Now these well-known scenarios are planned in Azerbaijan. Therefore official Baku should take some measures aimed at preventing the implementation of the threats, considering that U.S. itself, one of the superpowers, became the victim terrorist attacks.

The third force, according to analyst, is radical Shiite militias, supported and financed by Iran. The head of these forces is Hezbollah, which has already proved it has got solid base of support in Azerbaijan. “Saeed’s group” itself clearly demonstrated that Iran still keeps Azerbaijan to be shot and doe not shy even of acts of terror,” it is posted on website “Polygon”.

According to the author, each of these named three centers is autonomous and seem to have no need for their alliance. However, connection between Hezbollah and Armenia has high probability seeing close relations of Armenia to Iran and to Iran’s secret services.

As for Wahhabis and Armenia ties, they seem possible just because of the similarity of their interests. After all, the main mission of Wahhabi is to shake Azerbaijan and, if successful, create a caliphate, and to achieve this goal they are ready to cooperate even with the devil.

Thus, if we analyse the problems from these positions it turns out that phone threats are the part of program to keep Azerbaijan’s society in fear, anxiety and panic which at any time can come true. In short, Azerbaijan enters a new and dangerous period of new threats ant in order to get out of them, minimizing losses, not only efforts of the authorities are needed but effort of Azerbaijanis as well.”

08.09.09, 13:04

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