No “Sex” in Azerbaijan

Recently boards on which are written "workshops" have disappeared from the streets of the Azerbaijani cities and villages. The reason is the funny situation in which the Azerbaijani authorities have found themselves.

As Turan agency has been told by a source in foreign delegation the head of Azerbaijan during the reception of a foreign delegation has told about the achievements of Azerbaijan. In response one of the foreign guests noticed with irony that he can’t say anything about the other spheres but as for the sex Azerbaijan is really unique. In answered to the surprised president he has noted that one can see the expression “sexi” in all the streets of the country (“sexi” in Azerbaijani means “workshop” and this type of announcements you can find all over the country).

The joke of the guest made a bed impression over the authorities of the country and the local bodies are ordered to take away such kind of announcements from the public places.

11.02.2010, 14:23

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