Iranian media: Iran can be attacked from Azerbaijan’s territory

Martial law is announced in Iran’s northwestern border. According to quoting Iranian media, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) subdivisions and military equipment accumulate at the border with Azerbaijan. Iranian military officials explain that measure by location of United States and Israeli air force subdivisions in Azerbaijan’s territory meanwhile mentioning that the bombers were brought to Azerbaijan through Georgia. 

According to Iranian DEBKAfile analysts, Iran has at least three reasons to accumulate arms: United States and Israeli military subdivisions are indeed located in Azerbaijan, Iran responds to location of American-Israeli flotilla in the Persian Bay or Iranian troops accumulate due to growing interethnic tension since Sunni terrorist group leader Abdul-Malik Rigi was hanged on June 20.

According to Iranian, Israel will hit Iran using the territories of Georgia and Azerbaijan. According to the source, this new strategic plan of Israel was worked out after military agreements with Turkey were cancelled. The source also draws attention to the circumstance that Azerbaijani parliament has endorsed new Military Concept lately what allows location of foreign troops in country’s territory. 

24.06.2010, 12:51

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