Clinton accepts Nagorno Karabakh as part of talks, says Sahakian

Armenian parliamentarian, a Republican Hovhannes Sahakian referred at the press conference Wednesday to a statement made by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that “the efforts towards settlement to the [Karabakh] conflict derive from the interests of people of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Nagorno Karabakh.” This statement was not a random message, according to Sahakian.

“This means that Hillary Clinton had indirectly accepted and recognized that Nagorno Karabakh is the third part of the conflict,” he said. Politician pointed that new proposals within the framework of the Madrid Document show Nagorno Karabakh’s returning to talks.

“That is people of Nagorno Karabakh who can determine their future standing from the norms of international law, standing from the right to self-determination,” stressed Hovhannes Sahakian.





07.07.2010, 16:27

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