Painted ceramics discovered during excavations at Godedzor

A huge number of fragments of painted ceramics has been discovered during archaeological excavation at the place of Godedzor near Angeghakot village of Syunik province of Armenia. The ceramics of such kind were also found and are paralleled to findings at South and Northern Mesopotamia.

Director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of National Science Academy of Armenia, chief of the archeological expedition Pavel Avetisian described the findings as “strange facts” as civilization who settled the territories northern from Arax didn’t practice painting the ceramics and they were used to producing one-colored and black ceramics.

Pavel Avetisian said that discovered painted ceramics are more typical for Iranian pieces, and their homeland is Lake Urmia. In line with the preliminary version of experts, the findings came as result of trade relations. After further exploration of osteological materials there were discovered distorted bones of cattle. Referring to this, Pavel Avetisian said: “Specialists and experts find that the bones were distorted not in result of arable works but in result of going for a long way as pack animals.”

Specialists are hazarding a conjecture that local people here were passing a long was and were using cattle as pack animals: they lived in adjoining to Lake Urmia territory in winters, and moved to the north in summers, told media Pavel Avetisian.


03.09.2010, 15:08

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