Israel makes a big mistake, says Abdullah Gul

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul, who led Turkish delegation to the U.N. General Assembly this week, said that he hadn’t had plans to meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres in New York.

“I am surprised. They appoint a meeting, and then cancel it. It’s difficult to understand Israel. They are making a big mistake,” agency quoted Abdullah Gul as saying.

Earlier news reports had said that Gul and Israeli President Shimon Peres planned to meet in New York. Then Shimon Peres had said that he declined to meet his Turkish counterpart President Abdullah Gul due to the reason that Gul had set conditions Israel could not accept in relation to the Gaza Flotilla incident.

“They are responsible for the current situation,” said Gul and added that Turkey didn’t seek for high tensions between Israel and Turkey. Referring to the headers and highlights in Israeli media that “Gul declines the meeting with Peres but schedules talks with Ahmadinejad,” Turkish President said that he is going to meet with Iranian leader at the request of Iran and the meeting will be held in line with the schedule.




22.09.2010, 13:34

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