Aparan summer recreation camp hosts children with autism

 In the scope of strategic cooperation between Orange and “Arabkir” United Children’s Charity Foundation, the children in care of “ArBeS” Health and Day Care Center and its rehabilitation affiliates in regions, participate in summer recreation camp in Aparan this year.

In the scope of the project 2-week recreation is organized for 7-14 year old autistic children in summer camp, where alongside with treatment the children enjoy their summer recreation filled with various games and interesting events.

Summer recreation camp constitutes only a part the program financed for the second year already by Orange. The program, as a whole, consists of several projects: equipping 1 rehabilitation center in Yerevan and 7 in the regions with necessary special equipment and games; special training of specialists, directly involved in ASD treatment and rehabilitation introducing a new diagnostic tool ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) by invited specialists from Switzerland; trainings for raising awareness of children and the teaching staff in 2 schools and 2 kindergartens in Yerevan and all public institutions of Ararat marz; round table for introduction and sharing of knowledge and experience in ASD with participation of Health, Education, Social and Child Protection Departments of Yerevan and all 10 marzes of Armenia; trainings on the new method of revealing autism (CHAT) in two polyclinics of Yerevan and first contact specialists of Ararat marz.

“For already 20 years of its operation in many countries, care for children with autism is one of the main priorities of Orange in the scope of its philanthropic activity, which is implemented by Orange through its charitable programs or Orange Foundation. Autism is a disease which affects communication abilities of the person. Our vocation, as a company, is to facilitate communication between people, that’s why we provide our assistance to the children having communication problems. Our cooperation with “Arabkir” foundation started in the beginning of 2010. Today Orange Foundation takes over the work started and the summer camp receives autistic children already for the second time, with the support of Orange ” said Bruno Duthoit, Orange CEO.

“Autism is a rare disease to which our society very often shows inadequate attitude. As a result, children with autism become more and more isolated and their social integration might eventually be impossible. In this camp the children with autism together with others with different health problems participate in different games, performances and in the evening of the last day of their stay in the camp they gather around the fire. This is an unforgettable time for them and very often it may provide a stimulus to these children to start communicating with other children and become interested in the surrounding world,” said Ara Babloyan, member of the Board of Trustees of “Arabkir” United Children’s Charity Foundation.

Orange Foundation has allocated in total 24.4 milion AMD, aimed at organization of both training courses and summer camp, as well as equipment of Childern’s development and rehabilitation centers in Yerevan and regions with necessary special equipment and games.

03.08.11, 16:35

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