V. Grigoryan: Let them blow out Parajanov’s museum-house as well

Poet Violet Grigoryan spoke about the explosion in DIY club criticizing the accident and mentioned that no one can present the public opinion.

“Armenian nation was to be the leader in human rights equality as it was complied to acts of Genocide just because it differed from the others. Thus those people are to be more tolerant. Then let them blow out Parajanov’s museum house as well. There are such appeals as well and Parajanov himself was a homosexual,” she said.

Violet believes this is an anti-governmental action and should be officially punished because there is intolerant approach in our country toward all those who is “different”.

“Many Armenians from Diaspora come here and go back because they feel themselves different, the Armenian – Persian men are being mocked as they seem to be a bit tenderer because of different culture. Even on the intergovernmental level the treatment toward Gyumri and Karabakh inhabitants is different; I would like to join my voice to those who condemns this action,” she said.

15.05.2012, 15:09

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