Four culinary festivals to be held this year

Four festivals are to be held this year. On July 11 in Sardarapat the festival of “Tolma” will be held, on September 8, in Akhtala will be held festival of Barbeque, on October 6 festival of wine. This year, for the first time the Navasard is going to be celebrated which will be called Tonraton (Fest of tandoor), said the head of the “For protection and development of Armenian kitchen traditions” NGO Sedrak Mamulyan at the meeting with the journalists.

The Speaker also noted that the Navasard is going to be celebrated at the Tsaghkunk village of Sevan region, the event will last two days. On the first day they will make fire on the mount Aragats which later will be moved to Tsaghkunk village.

Navasard games, exhibition and tasting of national tandoor dishes are to be held during the event.

16.05.2012, 13:56

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