Armenian traditions should be preserved

“The television airtime should be overviewed, and the Armenian traditions should be preserved. The country shouldn’t get damaged through the television,” said Andranik Manukyan speaking about the airtime condition.

According to Manukyan the Armenians as Christians should preserve their Christian values and the Armenian traditions.

Writer, specialist of Armenian Sciences Yuri Sargsyan on his turn mentioned that everybody should carry the responsibility for the past, present and the future, “The Armenian TV channels lack that responsibility.”

Sargsyan also mentioned that 20 years ago we managed to bring back Karabakh and we all knew by that time what we want, “We won the Karabakh war because we had spirit and we knew what we were fighting for.”

The speaker thinks that now everything is being done to break that spirit in Armenians, the unity and the national characteristics.

30.06.2012, 15:16

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