Armen Ashotyan: Exams from history have always been difficult

The least result of final State exams and joint entrance exams in the first round was recorded in “History of Armenia” the middle point of which was 10. The applicants and the experts were saying that the tests of this subject were rather difficult because of which the results of the exams were low.

Armen Ashotyan answered to the question of correspondent, weather the low results of the exam were conditioned with the tests being hard or it was the fault of the applicants, saying, “Exams from history have always been hard. Do not forget that test-exams are a difficult tool for passing the humanities. I don’t think that serious discontent may arise in connection with the “History of Armenian Nation”. I have seen no alarm concerning the difficulties. We have received no complaints.”

03.07.2012, 15:52

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