Armed provocations unbecoming to Europe of the 21st century

RA President Serzh Sargsyan received today the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy. The President of Armenia and the President of the European Council recapped the results of the negotiations at the joint press conference given for the representatives of the mass media.

Statement by President Serzh Sargsyan at the Joint Press Conference with the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy said:

I am glad to welcome Mr. Van Rօmpuy to Armenia for the first time. Such a high-level visit from the European Union seriously encourages further deepening and expansion of our relations. We have had a sincere and useful discussion with Mr. Van Rօmpuy on bilateral and regional issues. I should note that we have an overall mutual understanding regarding all issues on our agenda.

We have registered a noteworthy progress in the Armenia-EU relations on several directions and reiterated our determination to preserve that positive dynamics and develop continually and consistently our cooperation.

Armenia is resolute to implement large-scale reforms aimed at further democratization, strengthening of the rule of law, considerable improvement of the social and economic situation and increased efficiency of the state governing structures of our country. In this process, we view the European Union as a reliable partner and supporter. We have had fruitful discussions regarding the EU’s assistance to our reforms.

With Mr. President we have also discussed the recent developments around Nagorno Karabakh. Once again, we reiterated that the conflict must be solved in the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group on the principles of the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act. Threats to use force and armed provocations are unbecoming to the Europe of the 21st century just as xenophobic statements, intolerance, and attempts to revise history. We welcome the readiness of the European Union to implement confidence building measures and establish durable peace in the region.

We have also spoken about the parliamentary elections in Armenia; assessment of our EU partners and our own assessment on this issue concur: these have been the best elections in the history of the newly independent Armenia, however there is still much to be done for the further improvement of the electoral process. I have reiterated our commitment to register new progress in the organization and conduct of the presidential elections of 2013.

We have also spoken about the parliamentary elections in Armenia; assessment of our EU partners and our own assessment on this issue concur: these have been the best elections in the history of the newly independent Armenia, however there is still much to be done for the further improvement of the electoral process. I have reiterated our commitment to register new progress in the organization and conduct of the presidential elections of 2013.

We are grateful to our European partners for their readiness to support reforms in Armenia. It is very important for their acceleration and comprehensive implementation. With Mr. Van Rօmpuy we have also exchanged views on the new possible forms of that assistance.

Recently in Brussels I participated in the Summit of the Heads of States and Governments – members of the European People’s Party. The main topic of the discussions was the existing financial and economic tension and possible ways to overcome it. Economies of small states are particularly vulnerable in such times and we anticipate that as an Eastern Partner we will get our share of assistance for overcoming these difficulties.

Mr. President, your visit is extremely important but way too short. I hope that you will find time in your extremely busy schedule to visit Armenia again since our intensive contacts are very important for the consolidation of our relations.

The RA resident’s Press Office also informed that on behalf of President Serzh Sargsyan a working dinner was served to Herman Van Rompuy.

04.07.12, 15:30

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