Vahram Sahakyan was not beaten: Police

Vahram Sahakyan was not beaten, police spokesman Ashot Aharonyan told, when asked to comment on reports circulating on the web claiming that writer Vahram Sahakyan is in grave condition after alleged beating, and as if has reported the police about incident.

The police do not know yet who the author of the photos is where the writer has blood on his face. The police didn’t exclude that it is Vahram Sahakyan who has spread the photos in the network.

“It is not true. We have seen these reports. Police went to his home and found out that he had not been beaten,” said Aharonyan.

It was spread in the Facebook today that writer Vahram Sahakyan was violently beaten yesterday. “Vahram confirmed the news during the conversation with me and said that they beat him and escaped. Vahram is at home at present, and is in a bad condition. “I have a horrible headache now. They beat me strongly. I can’t speak. I called the police. The case is under investigation,” Vahram Sahakyan said in the conversation with the editor of blognews Aram Antinyan. The official information about the case will be presented soon.

06.07.2012, 17:51

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