Air temperature to go down with 2-3 degrees

The weather in Armenia will be conditioned by high pressure field.

Tonight in Lori and Tavush, on the 19th of July almost in all the territory transitory rain possible in daytime, wind intensification up to 18mps possible, too, showers and hail possible mainly in the East. The air temperature will go down a little, in Ararat valley up to +35 in shadow. The geomagnetic field is unstable, please avoid physical loading.

It will be mostly sunny, transitory rain possible in daytime on the 19th of July. Wind up to 10mps possible in spots.

Tonight it will be +21+23, +32+34 in daytime on the 19th of July and +27+29 in the evening. In daytime it is necessary to seek shelter from direct sun rays, also it is recommended to drink more water, than usually.

19.07.2012, 11:10

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