Batman’s rival arrested: 5 days mourning in the US

A man opened fire early yesterday with a shotgun at an Aurora, Colorado, theater showing the new Batman movie and then switched to other weapons, killing 12 people and wounding 58, police said.

Throwing at least one tear-gas canister, the man unleashed birdshot into the first few rows of the audience watching “The Dark Knight Rises,” said a federal official who requested anonymity. He then switched to a rifle, targeting people throughout the theater.
When the gun jammed, he used a pistol, the official said.

After the rampage, Holmes was confronted by armed police, the official said. He surrendered, telling police he had explosives on him. The police stripped the suspect naked and found none, the official said. In later interrogation, Holmes told authorities his home was booby-trapped, according to the official.

21.07.2012, 14:05

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