Manukyan told Sirunyan: “Have no comments, thanks”

After many attempts we at last reached the ANM chairman Aram Manukyan in order to find out whether he really wants to see the former Minister of RA Internal Affairs Vano Siradeghyan returning to Armenia, as his former head of the Guard Suren Sirunyan had reported.

A. Manukyan got surprised at first, then asked who and what had said, then learning about Sirunyans viewpoint from our correspondent said, “I have no comments, thanks.”

Today during the press conference the former head of Vano Siradeghyan’s Guard Suren Sirunyan said during the press conference that Aram Manukyan and other members of the party “cordially wish to see” their friend is back. 

25.07.2012, 18:00

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