Orran ready to assist Syrian Armenians

Orran charitable NGO has issued a statement, expressing readiness to assist Syrian Armenians who have moved to Armenia.

“Dear Syrian-Armenian compatriots,

“It is with great concern that we are following the life-threatening events and difficulties facing the citizens of Syria. We are sorry that, at least for now, you have had to leave your homes behind in a country which had opened its doors to our forebears, the survivors of the great Genocide and National Dispossession.

In this case, our only solace is that you are now in your Homeland, in safety and surrounded with empathetic compatriots. In these difficult days, the Orran charitable organization extends its heartfelt solidarity, concern and love for you and is ready to assist those children and elderly among you who are in dire need by embracing them in its daily meal program. We are located at 6 First Yekmalian Street, Yerevan. Our phone number is (010) 53 51 67.”




30.07.2012, 14:38

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