President: Armenia is pledge of our national identity

President Serzh Sargsyan attended a reception organized by the Armenian Community and Church Council of Britain on July 28. Serzh Sargsyan addressed the reception. Below is the full text of his speech.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Compatriots,

I am very happy to welcome the representatives of the British-Armenian community in such a warm environment. I believe it is very enjoyable and constructive that we have met today to converse and exchange views.

Each member of the world-spread Armenian nation is a maker of our national unity. Each of you, without exception, is the sower of our common future. We will become stronger through our unity, our togetherness, our resolve to solve national issues together, conquering all challenges that come our way. We simply have to forge our will, have trust in ourselves, and act doggedly.

Armenia and Spyurq are strong only when they stand shoulder by shoulder. In Armenia, we feel stronger because we know our Spyurq’s power. I am confident that you feel in the same way the presence of the Republic of Armenia.

Your organized and relentless community has been standing by us at every critical moment of the independent Republic’s 20-year existence. In Artsakh war, during the earthquake, calamities and hardships you supported and stood by Armenia. You contributed to the maturing of the state, assisted in the country’s economic and political development. Today too, many children of the Armenian nation support our Motherland with their knowledge and skills, ideas and financial investments.

The Armenian-British friendship goes back centuries. Back in Cilicia, the Armenian kings maintained warm friendly relations with the kings of England. They even carried out a peacekeeping mission between France and England. Some centuries later, in India the British trade companies, admired with the services provided by the Armenian merchants, through the royal decision endowed them with the status of the Free Citizens of England.

Your community is the legal successor to that glorious legacy. We are grateful to all those devotees whose unremitting work and persistent efforts made possible functioning in this relatively small community of numerous Armenian organizations and structures, churches and educational centers, youth and sport, charitable and women’s associations, centers of the Armenian studies. You preserve and develop the community with Armenian fervor and British meticulousness, lend a helping hand to Artsakh and Armenia. Numerous Armenians have achieved exceptional heights in the areas of science, culture, health care and many others, sticking at the same time to their Armenian roots, holding our nation’s honor high.

Dear Friends,

We are unable to forget the heartache of the Armenian nation. I trust your community has great potential, whose full and efficient utilization will also allow to achieve new success in attaining recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, development of the Armenian-British relations, and in addressing the all-national problems. We will continue our joint activities aimed at the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. I have no doubt that with this regard the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will be remarkable.

The Armenian community of Great Britain has a great experience and ability of overcoming hardships jointly and steadfastly. I am confident that carrying on with and further developing traditions of the forefathers, the new generation will realize that a share of the heavy load of supporting the Motherland and partaking in the resolution of the national problems is also on their shoulders.

We should be able to keep pace with times and should be able to create in the present time the Armenian future of our generations, and in that future the Motherland and Spyurq are united – one soul and one body.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, the Armenia-Spyurq cooperation has acquired a new form and a new content; it has become one of the most critical strategic directions for the Republic of Armenia. Spyurq is present in every area. All the achievements of our independent statehood are the results of the ten million Armenian people’s toil, struggle, investment and effort.

Today our state offers the Armenians of Diaspora a partnership. We are ready to create opportunities for investments; we create mechanisms so that Armenians from Diaspora can make a profitable business in Armenia. Our task is to move from charity to a mutually beneficial partnership.

I have said on many occasions and repeat it now: come to the Motherland, invest in the Motherland. Make your profit and at the same time build the country of our common dream. By creating jobs, you will help to prevent the immigration which is a matter of concern for us all. After all, the Armenian is happy and strong on his own land, and the country is strong and invincible with its children.

Dear Compatriots,

Your prominent professional, economic and human abilities have already made you the participants of the great Armenian march. However today you have a new opportunity – dual citizenship. I don’t know how many of you in this hall hold a dual citizenship. I urge you to become citizens of the Republic of Armenia too and directly participate in all processes of the Motherland building.

Armenia is the pledge of our national identity. Armenia is inseparable from the Armenians’ vision of the future. Its past is interred in the native land as a sacred relic. Its present is attached to the Motherland by all possible ties.

Our individual strength and prominence are directly proportional to the power and prosperity of the Motherland. Each and every one of us must participate in its empowerment. Have no doubt that this is the only formula for the Armenian nation’s vitality, the key to its eternity.

The powerful and potent Armenia is the promise of a proud and well-organized Spyurq.

I thank you for this reception, warm atmosphere and your efforts. I thank you for remaining Armenian and for maintaining your identity. Being a citizen of the United Kingdom is a high honor whereas being Armenian is happiness.”


30.07.12, 11:40

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