Position of medium stratum will be decisive in Syria, expert says

If extremist forces come to power in Syria, all national minorities, including Armenians, will appear in even worse situation, Arabic Studies expert Sargis Grigoryan told reporters in Yerevan.

According to him, first of all, Syrian events target Iran which may lose Syria, its ally in the Middle East, in the aftermath of the Syrian developments.

The position of the medium stratum of Syria’s population will be decisive, and if they become more active, they can change the outcome of events, said the expert.

Mr. Grigoryan said that it’s hardly probable that a separate state of Alevins will be created in Syria, with Latakia as the capital.

The expert found it difficult to predict who will come to power in Syria after Assad, noting that Syrian opposition is represented by various groups and forces.


01.08.2012, 15:18

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