Air temperature will go up significantly

There is fire danger in valleys due to hot and dry weather.

The weather in Armenia will be conditioned by front penetration from the Black sea.

On the most part of the 21st of August rains and thunderstorm from time to time expected almost in the whole territory, heavy rains in the East and severe wind intensification up to 23mps possible in spots! In the evening the clouds will move to South, and the most part will clear up.

The air temperature will go down by 2-4 degrees, but will shortly go up again.

On the 21st of August partly cloudy, transitory rain possible in spots, wind apparent up to 15mps.
Tonight it will be +19+21, +29+31 in daytime and +24+26 in the evening. In daytime it is necessary to seek shelter from direct sun rays, also it is recommended to drink more water, than usually. The air temperature will start going down shortly. 

21.08.2012, 11:32

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