Artsakh Republic is full-fledged democratic state

“Artsakh Republic is institutionally full-fledged, it demonstrates the best democratic traditions in the region by all criteria,” said political scientist Levon Shirinyan touching upon the 21th anniversary of the NKR independence.

According to him Artsakh shows that it can preserve its independence on its national land according to the national codes.

Shirinyan mentioned that the full-fledged army is one of the most important achievements for the Armenian people. Artsakh has always given high quality soldiers, officers as well as representatives of science. Many scientists of Artsakh origin work in Moscow today, etc.

Political scientist mentioned that the right of people on self-determination and territorial integrity are not equal principles. The top priority is with peoples’ self-determination right.

The speaker noticed that the Armenians of Artsakh have the right to establish their state on their historical land.

01.09.12, 13:35

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