David Hakobian: Hayrikian’s version is reminiscent of political erotica

“The presidential candidate Paryur Hayrikian’s version, according to which the attempted murder committed against him was the work of imperialist forces, is reminiscent of political erotica, while his decision not to postpone the election is a secret, behind-the-scenes deal with authorities,” the leader of the Marxist party David Hakobian said at the meeting with reporters today.

In his words, if the attempted murder was committed for organizing a new election, then Hayrikian was chosen to irritate the West and he was chosen for that purpose long ago.

“Russia would not benefit from that, especially as Armenian-Russian relations are now in crisis. This man has no idea of what imperialism is. This is a political show,” Hakobian said.

06.02.2013, 15:36

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