R. Hovannisian: We did not speak about any post at meeting with Sargsyan

The Heritage Party leader Raffi Hovannisian gave a press conference today, during which he commented on the February 21 meeting between him and Serzh Sargsyan in the presidential residence.

“There is one thing I can say for sure: at the meeting with Sargsyan, neither I nor he spoke about any post,” R. Hovannisian noted.

As regards the meeting’s footage, Hovannisian said: “He told me that we are left alone and I might speak freely. If there is a recording of the conversation, I demand its immediate release. I can say what will be in that recording and what can be taken out of context – I said that I respect the path he has followed, but he did not win and it is too early to drink champagne”.

“He said I should continue my struggle in 2017-2018, but I refused. In his presence I appreciated the openness of Armenia’s mass media, and now I can say something more: I am convinced that our government bodies have videos of the events of March 1 and October 27, and they should release those videos,” Hovannisian said.

Speaking about congratulatory messages received by Serzh Sargsyan, Raffi Hovannisian noted: “Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande, or a representative of the U.S. send a document to the third president of Armenia because each of them pursues his goals”.

According to Hovannisian, those who recognize Kosovo, Abkhazia, and Ossetia recognize today illegitimate authorities who ignore popular will. “They are guided by anti-democratic principles. Those not acknowledging popular will should resign, they will all regret, including Serzh Sargsyan,” Raffi Hovannisian said.

In response to a question about his program, he said: “I will do everything so that the people will not get frustrated. I stand by them. We have five days to dispute the final election results in the Constitutional Court. I want to say that the Constitutional Court members will have the last chance to ensure the observance of constitutional rights”.

When asked whether today’s scenario is like the 2008 one, R. Hovannisian said: “The scenarios are different. I can only say that at the cost of my life, I will not permit even one drop of blood to be shed”.

25.02.13, 19:52

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