Republican Party condemns any manifestation of violence

The central campaign headquarters of Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) issued as statement, condemning any manifestation of violence.

“We condemn any manifestation of violence and consider any attempts to impede election campaigning inadmissible. At the same time the HHK central campaign headquarters call upon all the political forces running in Yerevan municipal elections to continue a civilized election campaign,” the statement reads.

We would remind you that a statement was issued today by the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) too, in connection with yesterday’s assault on HAK activists.

The statement says that on April 22 a “group of rank-and-file bandits of Republicans” assaulted two activists of HAK who were distributing campaign materials in 17th quarter of Yerevan. “One of the activists received injuries and was hospitalized,” according to the statement.

The press service of HAK noted that “the authorities were the organizer of the assault”. “It was an order from above, and regardless of who executed that order, they personify the regime head Serzh Sargsyan,“ the statement reads.

23.04.2013, 13:26

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