Syrian army ousts militants from border town of Kesab

The Syrian army has ousted militants from most parts of Kesab town, 65 km north of Latakia, Suriya al-En news agency reported.

According to the news agency, the militant groups were surrounded near the immigration service and the office of a telecommunication company. On the approaches to Kesab, 250 militants who were moving in a column towards the Turkish border were killed.

After fierce battles, the Syrian flag was hoisted on top of Nasr Mountain. “Syrian government troops control Tellet-Anbaba and Tellet-es-Sahra heights. Badrusia settlement has been liberated. Heavy gunfire still continues in Samra and Nabaa-el-Murr regions,” a military source said.

Measures have been taken at Ras-al-Bassit Cape to repel the possible attack of rebels. Reinforcement was redeployed there. Local residents are armed and make part of the ‘popular committees’ fighting on the side of government troops.

On the north of Latakia, the Syrian government troops are fighting against bands of armed extremists from Jebhat Al-Nusra and Islamic Front that penetrated from neighboring Turkey. Air forces units are involved in military operations, with planes striking rebel bases in mountainous areas.

65 militants laid down arms, according to Suriya television channel. They surrendered to the Syrian government forces.

25.03.2014, 19:52

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