What Ambassador Richard Mills said in particular: U.S. Embassy presents clarification

05/09/2018 16:43

What Ambassador Richard Mills said in particular: U.S. Embassy presents clarification

U.S. Embassy to Armenia provided the transcript of the briefing of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills with the reporters to prevent the further misunderstanding.

In response to a reporter’s question on the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Ambassador said that it is for the Armenian government to respond to comments from the Russian government. The words of the Ambassador, though, were described in media as an “urge” or “guide” to the Armenian government.

Below is the full text of the briefing.

Question:  Recently we are hearing lots of assessment and comments from Russian officials concerning the situation in Armenia. Don’t you think that this is pressure on Armenia and interference in Armenia’s internal affairs? I mean the statements by Lavrov and others.

Ambassador: I have seen those comments. It is for the Armenian government to respond to comments from the Russian government. Our view remains that there has been a need for a thorough and fair investigation into the events of March 2008, and it is important that that investigation be carried out in accordance with the rule of law and Armenian due process.

Question: Trade relations between Armenia and the United States – how they are evolving now – what obstacles do you see for them now?

Ambassador: Well, we’re here today for a very important development in the US-Armenian trade relationship. And that is a one-day conference that the Embassy is sponsoring to bring together Armenians interested in franchise opportunities with US corporations and businesses. And I think it shows that we believe there are real opportunities here, for US businesses and for Armenian businesses to prosper together in the new Armenia. This conference today brings together over 50 Armenian government and business people as well as representatives from several major US companies to talk about franchise and business opportunities here. So as I said we believe there are real opportunities for business and trade that will benefit both sides, and we are encouraging the government to continue to work to help improve and develop Armenia’s business climate. Business climate, the investment climate, can be fragile. And all it takes is one government mistake or a bad law, or a bad decision and investors can be scared away. That’s why I hope the government will continue to pay attention to the environment it is creating for business and investment here.

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