Do not call us, we are not in this cheap game: four Republican MPs issue statement

09/10/2018 22:10

Do not call us, we are not in this cheap game: four Republican MPs issue statement

Four lawmakers of the Republican party have issued a statement, saying that Nikol Pashinyan is tearing masks from all starting from himself and ending with the first opportunistic republican, from honorable political institutes till unconditional fighters of “from this moment we do not say bad things but praise" instruction.

“On one side this ugly mania of “stealing” lawmakers, on the other the texts of those who agreed to it either for being afraid or because of opportunism leave very heavy impression today. It is a fact that victory of opportunism is never lasting but creates new grounds for devaluation and immorality. Instead of negotiations between the political forces the MPs are being "chased". It is the same as putting the gun on MP’s forehead and force him do what you want,” the statement says, claiming that it is neither legal not moral and no one and the MPs themselves will not be able to respect themselves any more.

“The tragedy is that this polarization, lack of compromises and lack of wish to negotiate creates crisis in social and human relations with very dangerous consequences,” the statement runs.

“It is necessary to find just solution without squashing each other, without self-establishment on the account of other’s dignity. Do not call us, we are not in this cheap game. If you are not able to find civilized solutions we are not going to become tools for it. We are concerned and we follow with disappointment what you are doing. We will wait silently. However, we will do everything for real new Armenia,” the MPs concluded.

The statement has been signed by MPs Mihran Hakobyan, Karen Bekaryan, Arman Saghatelyan and Samvel Farmanyan.

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