Bright Armenia faction to back Ararat Mirzoyan’s candidacy, expects raise of NA’s role

14/01/2019 13:43

Bright Armenia faction to back Ararat Mirzoyan’s candidacy, expects raise of NA’s role

NA’s Bright Armenia faction has not nominated its candidate in the post of the NA chairman as has no issue of not electing the candidate nominated by the parliamentary majority, faction head Edmon Marukyan stated today, addressing the parliament.

The opposition MP first congratulated Pashinyan on being appointed in the post of the Prime Minister and thanked the previous parliament for the “political prudence.”

“The role of the National Assembly in Armenia has always been secondary and it has always been spoken about the necessity to raise it. Today Armenia is facing an opportunity to put the country on a new path. We believe that the National Assembly must be a locomotive,” he said, stressing that the National Assembly must be the president of all and be an “unbiased arbiter.”

“We have not nominated a candidate. We have discussed and decided to participate in the elections of the NA chairman and back the candidate. Mr, Mirzoyan, I want to say that it is a credit, which you still has to gain as NA chairman. We know what we have, we are electing you in the post but we do not know what chairman you will be. We are giving you  credit for you to show step by step that you are the chairman of all in the NA, that you ensure justice in the NA building, that you keep the NA’s image high outside and do everything for the NA to get rid of the role of being government’s attachment,” Marukyan said, adding that they are going to nominate candidate in the post of vice speaker of the parliament. As stated earlier their candidate will be Mane Tandilyan.

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