Post about occupying Shushi is what Azerbaijan really is: Davit Babayan

22/05/2019 18:57

Post about occupying Shushi is what Azerbaijan really is: Davit Babayan

This is what Azerbaijani really is, it shows its real face, head of press department of staff of the Artsakh president Davit Babayan told, referring to the photo posted on web by the Azerbaijani soldiers who stood in a form to make the “Our next stop is Shushi, wait for us” phrase.

“We must never forget who our rival is, we must not ever be cut from reality. The Azerbaijanis really want to occupy Shushi, Stpenakert, Yerevan and annihilate all. They do not even hide it. Usually the criminals hide their intentions, but the Azerbaijanis do not do it,” Babayan said, adding that even world famous footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan is not allowed to depart for Baku due to the possibility of unpredictable consequences.

Babayan also said that from the beginning of the year Azerbaijan has conducted few big military drills addressed against two Armenian states.

“We need to be sober, we must support each other. We see there are people who seem to make dirty divisions – people of Armenia, people of Karabakh. The enemy sometimes knows our history better and remembers that our defeats were result of separation,” Babayan said.

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