Azerbaijan tries to escalate situation: Artsakh president consultant

10/06/2019 12:21

Azerbaijan tries to escalate situation: Artsakh president consultant has conducted interview with Artsakh Republic president consultant Tigran Abrahamyan.

- Mr Abrahamyan, Azerbaijani foreign ministry released a statement referring to the situation in the line of contact and claiming that Armenia wants the process to fail., how will you comment on it?

- What process are your speaking about? The one which has not existed from the very beginning? If you are speaking about “optimistic” announcements voiced from the past year, I considered them imitations from the very beginning. It is difficult to make not existing process to fail.

Azerbaijan is speaking about its readiness to resume talks for already 8 months but it is just the visible part of the iceberg. Their steps are talking about just the opposite.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry’s statement predicted ten days ahead that the situation would escalate by stating that the time given to Armenia to study the negotiation process has expired.

- What is taking place on the line of contact? The political statements show that something is wrong but the people do not seem to be aware of anything?

- The assessments of the situation must be viewed in two platforms. First, it is necessary to register that the situation has comparatively sharpened in the past ten days with the ceasefire being violated more intensively with the usage of different weaponry. The analyses of the moves of the adversary show that divisions of special significance and especially the sniper groups have become more active.

Secondly, the situation analyses for March, April and May show negative changes, Azerbaijan’s engineering-fostering actions on the border are accompanied with intensive violations of ceasefire regime.

- What is the result of it? Why has the situation escalated?

- During the past eight months Azerbaijan was trying to create firm grounds to show the international community that it is ready for the settlement of the conflict through negotiations, on the other hand it is ready to do the utmost and create necessary field to return to the policy of provocations.

To say that the situation was unexpected will mean that we have become victims of Azerbaijani tactical approaches. At least for me, Azerbaijan has not diverted from its initial course and follows its initially planned scenario the process and final goal of which is sharp changes of the situation.


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