I believe we will be seeing more Armenian designers: Emerging Talents PR Director

12/08/2019 12:36

I believe we will be seeing more Armenian designers: Emerging Talents PR Director

August is a very busy month here in Armenia. Social calendar is getting busier and attracts people from all over the world. We had a chance to catch up with Russ Ev (Ruslan Evseev), well known PR and celebrity stylist, who brought Emerging Talents Milan project to Yerevan. Seven international and local designers will be exclusively presented for Art and Fashion Presentation, and Charity Sales that will be held from August 14 to 16 in a luxury penthouse.

Russ, tell us about Emerging Talents Milan Project. How did you come up with the concept?

In 2015 I worked as the Editor in chief of Spy News Magazine, online platform dedicated to Emerging Designers, and was organising events in LA, as we had our head office there.

Through my PR team in Italy, I met Tariel Bisharian who was running a showroom in Milan, also dedicated to Emerging Talents. So we decided to join our forces and launch Emerging Talents Milan.

We believe Emerging Talents is one of the Milan's greatest and most international fashion platforms dedicated to talented designers. I am very proud that since 2016 we have selected and promoted around 60 brands from 17 countries.

And this summer we decided to go further, and do a series of Pop Up stores, Fashion Presentations outside of Italy. It was Tariel’s idea to start with Armenia, as he was born and raised here. Here we are, looking forward to do this amazing event, and present our designers to industry professionals, raise money for Charity Organisation that we chose to collaborate with, and of course to enjoy the country and what it has to offer.

Russ, we know you have been living and working in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong. Why did you decide to settle down in Italy?

Long story short. After I completed my Master Degree in Northumbria, I decided to take some time and travel around the world.Then I ended up working in Public Relations for Entertainment company in Hong Kong. It was an incredible experience, I got to meet everyone related to fashion industry in Milan, NY, Paris, and London.  Somehow I was invited to join Giuseppe Zanotti press office team and work with them during the Cannes Film Festival. I jumped on this opportunity and moved to Milan. It was an extraordinary experience working with GZ  and help him styling A list celebrities in Cannes. Then I fell in love and stayed in Italy. Very simple and banal story I guess. (laughing) 

Is this your first time in Yerevan? How do you like Armenia?

Yes, this is my first time in Armenia, and I bet not the last one, as we already planning to do our next event here, something bigger! Can't share the details yet.

I learned not to expect anything, and just to enjoy whatever life surprises me with. And I guess this is the secret of happiness- being in the moment. I feel myself here like a little adventurous kid exploring the city, getting to know the culture,  constantly trying new food (OMG guys, seriously,  I cannot stop eating here). But what makes this city unique are people. I swear, in this fast paced lifestyle, we have become so self centred, totally captured by digital progress, and it scares me sometimes. But when I landed in Yerevan and took off the plane, I was carried away with sincere smiles and friendly vibes of this country. Please keep it this way!

What do you think of fashion industry in Armenia?

In the last two years, I have the pleasure of working with great Armenian Designers in Italy. I absolutely in love with Elsi Couture pieces, and I used some of her creations when I styled young American actress shot by famous photographer Patrik Andersson in New York.

I admire Armine Ohanyan (Paris-based Armenian designer) work as well, and of course Artuyt scarves that will be presented at our Yerevan project. I think there is a huge potential in Armenia, as you guys live in one of the oldest countries in the world with  a unique cultural heritage. This is a real source for inspiration. Definitely fashion is going through  tough times now, but everything has its ups and downs. Important is to stay true to yourself. I believe we will be seeing more Armenian designers, and I am sure, ETM (Emerging Talents Milan) will represent some of them.

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