Opposition has no final decision over forming “No” headquarters

11/02/2020 15:22

Opposition has no final decision over forming “No” headquarters

Constitutional referendum campaign will launch on February 17 with the “Yes” headquarters to be headed by chairman of the Civil Contract party’s administration Suren Papikyan.

Neither of political forces stated about the formation of “No” camp so far.

Bright Armenia faction head Edmon Marukyan stated that they are not going to form “No” camp.

“Our position is the following: there should be no opposite camp in this anti-constitutional process of anti-constitutional referendum. There must be only “Yes” camp because the authorities need someone to conduct “No” campaign. Forming “No” campaign means giving the authorities a chance to generate hatred which will sooner or later result in bloodshed to which Bright Armenia has always been against. Consequently, we do not see us in any camp. We have used our toolset and are ready to apply to the CC if necessary number of signatures is gathered,” Marukyan stated.

Prosperous Armenia has not decided yet whether it will be in “Yes” or “No” camp.

PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan said the decision will be made at the session of the political council of the party.

Armenian National Congress issued a statement today, stressing that it backs the constitutional changes initiated by the NA and will be actively engaged in the referendum.

Armenia’s Republican party has not expressed final position yet.

“We have not adopted any strategy ahead of the referendum. We will finalize our position by the end of the week,” vice-president of the party Armen Ashotyan told Aysor.am.

Speaking about his personal position, Ashotyan said the whole process in anti-constitutional and it will be right not to participate and not to legitimate the anti-constitutional and unlawful process.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun is yet discussing the issue.

“We are currently holding discussions and will make final statement during the upcoming two days. We have stated our position over the process in general but will state about our strategy and approach during the upcoming days,” ARF-D Supreme Body representative Ishkhan Saghatelyan told Aysor.am, adding that they are conducting consultations with other parties as well.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission said earlier today that there is a 7-day set timeframe, if during that period “No” propaganda side is not being registered, a group consisting of 50 citizens may apply and get registered as “No” propaganda initiative,” Mukuchyan said.

He said that there can be one “Yes” and one “No” propaganda side.

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