Russia reports over 5,400 new COVID-19 cases

29/07/2020 12:41

Russia reports over 5,400 new COVID-19 cases

Russia’s coronavirus cases rose by 5,475 in the past day, reaching 828,990, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported on Wednesday.

According to its data, in the past eight days the daily growth did not exceed 0.7%.

Some 671 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in Moscow, 223 in the Sverdlovsk Region, 173 in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, 165 in St. Petersburg and 159 in the Irkutsk Region.

The lowest growth rate in the past day was registered in the Chukotka Autonomous Region (0%), the Karachay-Cherkess Republic (0.2%), the Moscow Region (0.2%), the Trans-Baikal Region (0.2%), Moscow (0.3%), Kabardino-Balkaria (0.3%) and the Lipetsk Region (0.3%).

To date, some 194,984 people diagnosed with COVID-19 are ill in Russia.


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