Armenia’s third president explains his long silence with not willing to worsen polarization in the country (video)

07/08/2020 13:38

Armenia’s third president explains his long silence with not willing to worsen polarization in the country (video)

The office of the third president of Armenia has released a video where Serzh Sargsyan answers a number of questions.

In the video the third president said he kept silence for long time not willing to worsen the situation in the country by deepening the polarization and separating the public even more.

“The 2018 was very emotional year. The chaos and aggression were growing from day to day delighting only our enemies and in such emotional environment a major part of our population was not ready to listen to simple truth. Time was necessary for each to understand the situation on his/her own, but we will still speak about all that thoroughly,” he said.


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