Bright Armenia faction head, Armenia’s PM fail to reach agreement, to continue talks

04/03/2021 14:28

Bright Armenia faction head, Armenia’s PM fail to reach agreement, to continue talks

Bright Armenia faction head Edmon Marukyan and Armenia’s PM Nikol Pashinyan failed to reach agreement on snap elections during the meeting today.

“We held negotiations and in essence, the prime minister does not tie the issue of chief of the General Staff with the process of snap elections,” Marukyan told the reporters after the meeting.

“But we do tie, as we see that the issue of the General Staff has added to the already existing crisis in the country. As of the moment we do not have any agreement over any issue. As far as I understand meeting with our colleague PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan is also expected. The processes cannot advance with only our position and the parliament cannot be dissolved,” he said, adding that after the position of the PAP is discussed new negotiations will be held.

He said though that there is clear understanding that it is necessary to find ways for taking the country out of the created situation.

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