4 collector coins has been issued

14/04/2022 10:12

4 collector coins has been issued

The Central Bank of Armenia puts 4 collector coins into circulation on April 14, 2022.

Gold and silver collector coins dedicated to the 30th anniversary of formation of Armenian Army

On January 28, 1992, the Government of the Republic of Armenia adopted the historical resolution  “On the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia” proclaiming creation of the Armenian National Army.

The Armenian Army has developed by overcoming the hardest trials in the period of formation of independent statehood and has become the most crucial safeguard of the security of the Armenian people.

Having passed the glorious combat history the Armenian Army in the course of 30 years has honourably performed its mission to the country and people.

The Armenian Army is a symbol of collective will, strength and bravery, devotion and patriotism of the Armenian people. Serving in the Armenia Army is not only a matter of honor for every Armenian, but a holy mission.

The Armenian soldier glorifies Armenian Army with his devotion to homeland, military talent, fighting spirit, courage and heroism.

Obverse: the coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia.

Reverse: a fragment of the coat of arms of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.

Designed by Haroutiun Samuelian.

The coin is minted in the Lithuanian Mint.

Technical specification

Face value                            10 000 dram

Metal/fineness                  gold 9000

Weight                                  8,6 g

Diameter                              22,0 mm

Shape                               round

Quality                                  proof

Edge                                      ribbed

Quantity of issue 400 pcs

Year of issue                        2022

Technical specification

Face value                            1000 dram

Metal/fineness                  silver 9250

Weight                                  33,6 g

Diameter                              40,0 mm

Shape                                   octangular

Quality                                  proof

Edge                                      ribbed

Quantity of issue 400 pcs

Year of issue                        2022

The collector coin dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Yeghishe Charents’s birth

Yeghishe Charents (Yeghishe Soghomonyan, 1897-1937) is a famous Armenian poet, prose writer, translator, publisher, publicist, cultural and public figure. Born in the old Armenian city of Kars.

His first poem "The Flowers Gently…" was published in 1912 in the Tiflis almanac "Youth". That was followed by the collections of poems "Three Songs to a Sad and Pale Girl", "The Rainbow", "Songbook", the narrative poems "Dantesque Legend" and "Frenzied Masses", the novel "Land of Nairi”, and other outstanding works.

Many of Charents’s writings are still actual and of great value worldwide. One of the poet's masterpieces, “My Sweet Armenia”, is like a prayer for every Armenian.

Charents’s last book was "Book of the Road", which was printed but banned and never reached the public. He was accused of nationalism and anti-revolutionary activities and arrested.

 Charents died on November 27, 1937 in a prison hospital in Yerevan, falling victim to Stalin's dictatorship at the age of 40. He was rehabilitated in 1955. The poet’s burial place is unknown.

There is a house-museum of Yeghishe Charents in Yerevan, his name is given to the city (Charentsavan), schools, streets and the Museum of Literature and Art.

Obverse: a fragment of the sculptural composition "Frenzied Masses" dedicated to Charents (sculptor: N. Nikoghosyan, architect: Torosyan, 1985).

Reverse: a fragment of the monument to Charents (sculptor: Gh. Chubaryan, 1957) and his signature.

Designers: Lusine Lalayan (obverse), Eduard Kurghinyan (reverse).

The coin is minted the Mint of Poland.

Technical specification

Face value                                        10 000 dram

Metal/fineness                                  gold 9000

Weight                                              8,6 g

Diameter                                          22,0 mm

Quality                                               proof

Edge                                                  ribbed

Quantity of issue                 300 pcs

Year of issue                                       2022

The collector coin dedicated to the chemical element Oganesson (Og)

Oganesson (Og) is an artificial radioactive element of the Mendeleev periodic table with the atomic number 118. It was synthesized in 2004 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna (Russia) by a joint team of Russian and American scientists. In 2016, the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry named it after Academician Yuri Oganessian.

Yuri Oganessian (born in 1933) is a world-famous scientist, physicist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (1970), professor (1981), corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1990), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences ( 2003), a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (2006), the first winner of the UNESCO award named after D.I. Mendeleev (2021), Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reaction after G.N. Flerov at JINR in Dubna.


Under Yuri Oganessian’s direct supervision, numerous experiments were successfully carried out to study superheavy chemical elements, a unique experimental device was developed to create superheavy nuclei and study their properties. Yuri Oganessian is a co-author of 8 discoveries in the field of artificial synthesis of new atomic elements under numbers 104-105, 107 and 114-118 in the Mendeleev periodic table. He is also the author of 3 monographs, 11 inventions and over 500 scientific papers.

Technical specification

Face value                                           1000 dram

Metal/fineness                                  silver 925º

Weight                                                  33,6 g

Diameter                                              40,0 mm

Quality                                               proof

Edge                                                     ribbed

Quantity of issue                                500 pcs

Year of issue                                       2022

Obverse: an image of the Oganesson (Og) chemical element, JINR emblem.

Reverse: the sculptural portrait of Yuri Oganessian (sculptor: Gh. Chubaryan, 1979).

Designer: Vardan Vardanyan.

The coin is minted in the Mint of Poland.


Collector coins are made of precious metals and are issued to present to the society the national, international, historical and cultural, spiritual and other values of the country, to immortalize these values in the metal and to meet the demands of the numismatic market.

Like any other currency the collector coins have face value which makes them the means of payment. However, the face value of these coins is much lower that their cost price which includes the cost of the precious metal used for manufacturing of the coin, mintage and other expenses. Low face value and high cost price allow these coins to be considered as the items of collection and not the means of payment used in money circulation. The collector coins have also the sale price set by the Central Bank of Armenia.

As the items of collection the collector coins are issued in very restricted quantities and are not reissued.

Numismatists, collectors and all interested persons can buy the Armenian collector coins in the sales salon “Numismatist” which is in the building of the Central Bank of Armenia and is open for everyone.

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