21/09/2018 23:11 Lynne M. Tracy nominated to be U.S. Ambassador to Armenia (photo) 21/09/2018 20:57 Armenia’s PM wraps up election campaign, urges to forgive each other 21/09/2018 20:30 Turn has come for National Assembly to open its gates: PM 21/09/2018 20:20 Baghramyan 26 residence gates hence open for public (video) 21/09/2018 20:03 People to decide accept Kocharyan or not: PAP chairman 21/09/2018 19:47 Only weak person who has nothing to say throws mud: PAP Chairman 21/09/2018 19:09 New generation businessmen to be core players in Armenia’s economy: Armenian PM 21/09/2018 18:49 Azerbaijani war threats not to scare Armenia: PM 21/09/2018 18:32 CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov urges to stop escalation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 21/09/2018 17:59 Economist describes Hayk Marutyan’s election program “composition of beautiful sentences” 21/09/2018 17:15 Armenia’s position over Karabakh conflict settlement clearly fixed in government’s program : MFA Spokesperson 21/09/2018 16:58 Permanent rallies or stubborn work: PAP mayoral candidates calls to make right choice 21/09/2018 16:06 Lake Victoria, Tanzania ferry disaster death toll hits 100 21/09/2018 15:33 Award-giving ceremony on Armenia’s Independence Day takes place at presidential residence 21/09/2018 14:54 Georgia’s President Margvelashvili congratulates President Sarkissian on Armenia’s Independence Day 21/09/2018 14:14 Lake Victoria, Tanzania ferry disaster death toll doubles 21/09/2018 14:10 No white without combination of all colors: Armen Sarkissian 21/09/2018 14:03 Armenia’s PM visits veterans, pays tribute to them 21/09/2018 13:09 Today we need to save ideas of the revolution from those who initiated it: Robert Kocharyan 21/09/2018 12:46 Catholicos of Cilicia Aram I urges to avoid statements causing domestic polarization 21/09/2018 12:19 Armenian PM calls to respect one another, voices support to Naira Zohrabyan 21/09/2018 11:51 Diaspora Minister visits Syria 21/09/2018 11:43 Armenia undertakes necessary measures to ensure stability on the border: DM 21/09/2018 11:36 Armenia’s leadership visits Yerablur Pantheon 21/09/2018 11:29 Armenia’s President congratulates Armenians on Independence Day 21/09/2018 10:47 Vietnam's President Quang dies after 'serious illness' 21/09/2018 10:31 Five shot, including a girl, 8, in Syracuse, New York: police 21/09/2018 10:08 US imposes sanctions on China for buying Russian weapons 21/09/2018 00:59 The United States urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to resume intensive negotiations as soon as possible 20/09/2018 23:07 Opportunities to be created during these months for peaceful settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict: U.S. President 20/09/2018 22:49 Development of allied relations goes in line with reinforcement of regional security: Russia’s Putin congratulates Armenia’s PM 20/09/2018 20:43 All domestic political issues must be solved through consensus: NA chairman 20/09/2018 19:35 Yerevan ex mayor Taron Margaryan interrogated in National Security Service 20/09/2018 17:29 Russian president congratulates Armenian counterpart on Independence Day 20/09/2018 17:19 Armenia’s three presidents decline invitation to participate in Armenia’s Independence Day celebrations 20/09/2018 17:05 Amulsar mine must be exploited: chief specialist 20/09/2018 16:40 Nagorno Karabakh President congratulates Armen Sarkissian on Armenia’s Independence Day 20/09/2018 16:33 Dutch rail crash: Four children killed in electric cart 20/09/2018 16:21 Diaspora Minister to pay official visit to Egypt 20/09/2018 16:12 Chinese President congratulates Armen Sarkissian on Armenia’s Independence Day 20/09/2018 16:02 Armenian parliamentary delegation to depart for Switzerland 20/09/2018 15:52 Catholicos of All Armenians receives UCLA Chancellor 20/09/2018 15:18 Ucom Subscribers to Enjoy a More Affordable Roaming Rate of 5 AMD/MB When in Russia 20/09/2018 15:14 Peaceful regulation of Nagorno Karabakh conflict in the center of attention of Armenian parliament: NA Chairman 20/09/2018 14:59 Shinzo Abe re-elected as head of ruling party in Japan 20/09/2018 14:31 Focusing on Amulsar mine only seems rather strange and suspicious: Biodiversity and Hydroecology Scientific Center Director 20/09/2018 14:03 Pashinyan-Trump meeting not confirmed yet: Armenian FM 20/09/2018 13:48 Consultations over CSTO Secretary General replacement issue continue: Armenian FM 20/09/2018 13:37 CSTO’s silence does not mean we are not implementing our function in organization: Armenia’s FM 20/09/2018 13:16 Armenia faces political crisis: Artak Zeynalyan 20/09/2018 13:01 NATO calls on Armenia, Azerbaijan intensify efforts for reaching peaceful regulation of Karabakh conflict 20/09/2018 12:51 Mayoral candidate describes upcoming elections “responsible and unprecedented” 20/09/2018 12:35 Armenia’s government to allocate 109 million 296 thousand AMD to MFA for organizing “Against Genocide Crime” Forum 20/09/2018 12:23 PAP candidate declines proposed debate format, offers another 20/09/2018 11:54 Contract on donating lands to Spayka and Armsanproduct companies prolonged 20/09/2018 11:41 Iran asks U.N. to condemn Israeli threats, supervise its nuclear program 20/09/2018 11:23 Armenia to provide transportation means to Karabakh police 20/09/2018 11:08 Brexit: May urges EU leaders to consider 'serious' UK plans 20/09/2018 10:42 168 Zham: Situation in Armenia dangerous for Karabakh – Russian expert 20/09/2018 10:26 Ban on grain cargo transportation via Georgia’s routes postponed till the yearend 20/09/2018 10:15 Mayoral candidates to participate in Public TV’s debate program 19/09/2018 20:51 Armenia urges OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs to curb Azerbaijan and put it on the constructive path: Armenian MFA Spokesperson 19/09/2018 19:56 Human rights protection issues in sidelines of criminal cases on March 1, 2008 and wiretapping case discussed 19/09/2018 19:30 Armenia’s FM briefs to Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Armenia’s priorities in Karabakh conflict regulation 19/09/2018 18:38 Armenian serviceman dies from Azerbaijani shooting 19/09/2018 17:07 Interference into criminal case proceeding puts under doubt its objectivity: Gevorg Kostanyan 19/09/2018 16:41 Success is a result of choosing proper tools of management, Ralph Yirikian says 19/09/2018 16:23 Wiretapped conversation does not imply NSS director’s and PM’s intervention into criminal case proceeding 19/09/2018 15:47 Local political interests more important for Nikol Pashinyan than Armenia’s foreign policy: Armen Ashotyan 19/09/2018 15:29 Renault-Nissan adopts Android in coup for Google 19/09/2018 15:01 Ferrari to launch 15 new models by 2022 19/09/2018 14:42 Pentagon identifies Russia, China as threats to cybersecurity — media 19/09/2018 14:19 China won't devalue yuan to boost exports, says Premier Li 19/09/2018 13:53 NA’s Investigative Committee convenes first sitting 19/09/2018 13:14 Guilt for 10 deaths lays on those who provoked March 1 mass unrest: Robert Kocharyan 19/09/2018 13:01 Putin’s birthday congratulation serious support: Robert Kocharyan 19/09/2018 12:50 Kocharyan describes Armenia’s PM as “rapidly burning meteorite” 19/09/2018 12:15 Armenia’s MFA expresses condolences on Russian military plane crash in Syria 19/09/2018 11:45 Reporters Without Borders condemns search of Yerevan.Today headquarters 19/09/2018 11:14 Oil prices edge up as supply concerns outweigh U.S. stockpile gains 19/09/2018 10:56 Zhoghovurd: Pashinyan on the edge of losing allies 19/09/2018 10:37 We need our mayor for speedy and basic changes: MP 19/09/2018 10:04 North Korea agrees to shut down missile site, says Moon 18/09/2018 21:19 Armenian PM describes situation on frontline “stable tense” 18/09/2018 19:35 Premier of “Wedding in Rear” performance in Stepanakert quite emotional 18/09/2018 17:03 Coca-Cola 'in talks' over cannabis-infused drinks 18/09/2018 16:51 China says filed complaint to WTO against latest U.S. tariffs 18/09/2018 16:25 'World's oldest brewery' found in cave in Israel, say researchers 18/09/2018 15:59 Robots 'will create more jobs than they displace' 18/09/2018 15:58 Ucom Has Doubled the Inclusions of uDaily Prepay Mobile Internet Service 18/09/2018 15:08 Head of Armenian delegation to PACE briefs on Azerbaijani shelling of Armenia’s Koti village 18/09/2018 14:47 Search in Yerevan.Today attempt to silence the media: Editor-in-chief 18/09/2018 14:27 Oil rises as Saudi says it is comfortable with higher prices 18/09/2018 13:55 Russian defense minister blames Israel for downing military plane over Mediterranean 18/09/2018 13:32 Armenian-American bilateral military cooperation issues discussed 18/09/2018 13:13 Mayoral candidate describes Yerevan City Council Elections not political but “hysterical” 18/09/2018 12:41 Some candidates diverted from campaign, created tensed atmosphere: mayoral candidate 18/09/2018 12:16 Elon Musk unveils first tourist for SpaceX 'Moon loop' 18/09/2018 12:02 Election should end in an atmosphere of solidarity: Artak Zeynalyan 18/09/2018 11:48 US imposes new tariffs on $200bn of Chinese goods