Today, 16:14 Chinari resident injured after Azerbaijani combat UAV’s strike Today, 15:46 Armenia’s MOD warns against entry of volunteer groups to Tavush Today, 15:40 Azerbaijani education minister replaces Mammadyarov in the post Today, 15:35 Azerbaijani president sacks FM Elmar Mammadyarov Today, 14:36 CSTO colleagues know - Armenian Armed Forces fully control the situation: Ararat Mirzoyan Today, 14:21 Works undertaken to return captured Khndzoresk resident from Azerbaijan Today, 13:49 Azerbaijan’s technical losses approach 10-20: Arstrun Hovhannisian Today, 13:40 Armenian side ready to permit Azerbaijani side recover and retrieve wounded and killed in case of creation of favorable conditions: Armenia’s MOD Today, 13:30 Tavush governor: Situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border relatively calm now Today, 13:03 6-year old child falls from 4th floor in Armenia’s Gyumri Today, 12:53 Azerbaijani armed forces shell bakery and a house in Chinari village of Armenia's Tavush (video) Today, 12:39 No Armenian UAV downed: Azerbaijan spreads misinformation, MOD spokesperson says Today, 12:14 Armenia’s PM to leave for Belarus today Today, 12:04 Artsakh records three new coronavirus cases Today, 11:58 Azerbaijani armed forces shell Aygepar’s kindergarten (photos) Today, 11:50 Armenia's MFA: Azerbaijan's leadership to bear responsibility also before its own people for its perilous, ill-conceived steps Today, 11:38 650 citizens in extremely grave and grave condition, 50 patients are on ventilation Today, 11:23 Azerbaijani side attempted to capture “Fearless” position in Armenia’s Tavush region: Armenia’s PM Today, 10:53 Number of coronavirus cases in Armenia grows by 554 in 24 hours, 15 new deaths reported Today, 10:14 Armenia’s Armed Forces hit Azerbaijani tank, destroy firing positions (video) Today, 09:47 Military actions on Armenian-Azerbaijani border continue Today, 09:10 Armenian side reports no casualties during activities unleashed by Azerbaijani side today Today, 08:46 Azerbaijan's today's attack on Armenia’s Aygepar (photos, video) Today, 08:33 Tavush governor urges residents to be extremely cautious, hide in shelters Today, 08:24 Armenia’s DM contacts Andrzej Kasprzyk, briefs the situation Today, 07:52 Azerbaijan fails subversive infiltration attempt, shells Armenian bordering villages 15/07/2020 22:36 OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs urge Armenia, Azerbaijan refrain from inflammatory rhetoric 15/07/2020 22:17 Armenia’s Armed Forces do not target any Azerbaijani village, any civilian: Artsrun Hovhannisian 15/07/2020 22:09 Armenia's Ombudsman in constant touch with international partners to solve issue of missing Khndzoresk resident who appeared in Azerbaijan 15/07/2020 21:52 Armenian Armed Forces downed 13 UAVs during military actions initiated by Azerbaijan 15/07/2020 20:59 Operative situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border continues to be calm 15/07/2020 20:02 Missing resident of Khndzoresk Narek Sardaryan, 30, appears in Azerbaijan (video) 15/07/2020 19:02 Mike Pompeo: USA urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately deescalate situation, resume peace talks 15/07/2020 17:34 Covid-19: A bridge for business opportunities 15/07/2020 16:50 Building damaged in Chinari community of Armenia's Tavush after Azerbaijan’s shelling (photos) 15/07/2020 16:23 Armenia’s government: SU-30 SM fighter jets are on alert (video) 15/07/2020 16:10 Situation on border relatively calm, no incidents, targeted shooting recorded 15/07/2020 15:49 Armenian hackers make Azerbaijani hacker team’s Anti-Armenia website inaccessible 15/07/2020 15:42 115 Active Cases of Coronavirus Recorded in Georgia 15/07/2020 14:44 Apple has €13bn Irish tax bill overturned 15/07/2020 13:58 Armenia’s President signs decrees awarding killed servicemen posthumously 15/07/2020 13:24 Azerbaijan deploys its military equipment in settlements, makes live shield from civilians: Tigran Abrahamyan 15/07/2020 13:00 Russia reports over 6,400 new COVID-19 cases 15/07/2020 12:39 Cypriot FM condemns Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia 15/07/2020 12:22 Trump signs executive order to impose sanctions over Hong Kong 15/07/2020 11:50 Armenia sees no need to apply to CSTO: Artsrun Hovhannisian 15/07/2020 11:29 Ten injured servicemen getting treatment, condition of one extremely grave 15/07/2020 11:21 Armenia downs Azerbaijani Hermes 900 with Osa-AKM modernized in Armenia 15/07/2020 10:56 Number of coronavirus cases in Armenia exceeds 33,000, number of new deaths is 16 15/07/2020 10:50 Leader of PAP Gagik Tsarukyan tests negative 15/07/2020 10:46 Armenia’s PM applies to President of the Republic for awarding Armenian servicemen killed in Tavush posthumously 15/07/2020 08:31 Situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border relatively calm: spokesperson 15/07/2020 00:09 OSCE Chairperson-in-Office urges immediate return to ceasefire along Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 23:54 Exact number of Azerbaijan's losses not clear yet, numbers may change: Artsrun Hovhannisian 14/07/2020 23:45 Adversary used Grad weapon system on Armenian-Azerbaijani border: Artsrun Hovhannisyan 14/07/2020 23:32 Neither of Armenia’s settlements evacuated, will not be: Artsrun Hovhannisian 14/07/2020 23:26 UK urges Armenia, Azerbaijan restore ceasefire: statement 14/07/2020 23:19 Armenia downed nearly 10 Azerbaijani UAVs: Artsrun Hovhannisyan 14/07/2020 23:14 Situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border now calm: Defense Ministry representative 14/07/2020 22:55 Armenian, Iranian FMs discuss situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 22:47 Consolidation over army is our duty: Artur Vanetsyan 14/07/2020 22:34 Armenia cannot be talked to from a position of strength: Armenia’s PM meets highest officer staff 14/07/2020 19:57 NATO urges OSCE Minsk Group to prevent further escalation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 19:10 Armenian air forces hit Azerbaijani UAV (video) 14/07/2020 18:18 Two Armenian soldiers killed on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 17:31 Armenian side gets control of important height: former commander 14/07/2020 17:09 Turkey attempts to carry out aggression in CSTO responsibility zone, against CSTO member state: Armenia’s representative 14/07/2020 16:31 ICRC worried about safety of Armenian, Azerbaijani civilians, ready to act as neutral intermediary 14/07/2020 15:53 Overland gas pipelines damaged as a result of emergency in Armenia’s Tavush, gas supply to three villages interrupted 14/07/2020 15:35 Azerbaijan surrounds own people, fires at them blaming the Armenian side (photo, 14/07/2020 15:26 Ukrainian ambassador summoned to Armenia’s MFA 14/07/2020 15:13 Situation on Artsakh-Azerbaijani Line of Contact calm: spokesperson 14/07/2020 14:55 Armenian air forces hit Azerbaijani UAV 14/07/2020 14:45 Armenia suffers two losses in military clashes on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 14:32 Moscow deeply concerned with situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border: Kremlin spokesperson 14/07/2020 14:14 Azerbaijan reports about losses of 7 servicemen, including 4 officers 14/07/2020 14:04 CSTO urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately restore ceasefire 14/07/2020 13:33 Baku confirms death of two high-ranking officers 14/07/2020 13:18 Over 13 mln people diagnosed with COVID-19 globally 14/07/2020 13:04 Artsakh records 153 coronavirus cases, 124 recoveries 14/07/2020 12:45 Azerbaijan suffers new casualties 14/07/2020 12:04 Situation in Armenia's Berd community stable now: community head 14/07/2020 11:55 Aggression against security of civilian population of Armenia will receive proportionate response: MFA spokesperson 14/07/2020 11:49 AGBU stands behind the government and armed forces of Armenia and the people of Artsakh 14/07/2020 11:26 Adversary targets Berd’s civilian infrastructures, no casualties reported 14/07/2020 11:02 Adversary fires at Berd community of Armenia’s Tavush region 14/07/2020 10:58 Number of coronavirus cases in Armenia reaches 32,490, nine new deaths recorded 14/07/2020 09:41 Armenia, Azerbaijan should resolve the issue peacefully: Iran's FM spokesman on situation at Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 09:26 Armenian armed forces stop adversary’s tank: MOD spokesperson 14/07/2020 09:20 UN Secretary General urges immediate end to the fighting on Armenian-Azerbaijani border 14/07/2020 09:01 U.S. urges Armenia, Azerbaijan stop using force, adhere to ceasefire 13/07/2020 20:54 Artsakh MFA: Turkey’s support of the provocations and violations of the ceasefire regime by Azerbaijan unacceptable 13/07/2020 19:51 OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs call on Armenia, Azerbaijan to resume substantive negotiations as soon as possible: statement 13/07/2020 19:24 Armenia’s Ombudsman strictly condemns shelling of Armenian civilian community, targeting peaceful population (photos) 13/07/2020 18:56 Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces receives Russia’s ambassador 13/07/2020 18:30 Armenia's NA speaker sends letters EP President David Sassoli, PACE President Hendrik Daems and OSCE PA Chairman-in-Office Georgy Tsereteli 13/07/2020 18:02 Armenian side shots down few Azerbaijani UAVs 13/07/2020 17:55 EU urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to stop the armed confrontation: statement 13/07/2020 17:47 Russian FM calls Yerevan and Baku for immediate ceasefire 13/07/2020 16:38 Azerbaijani armed forces fired mortars in direction of Armenia’s Chinari settlement: MOD spokesperson