Former German ambassador visits Artsakh

The speaker of the National Assembly of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Ashot Ghulian received on October 7 the former German Ambassador to Armenia, member of Europe-Armenia Council Hans-Jochen Schmidt, the press service of the NKR National Assembly reported.

The German diplomat participated in the international conference entitled ‘National Liberation Struggle of Artsakhi Armenians: From Gyulistan to the Present Day’ held in Stepanakert on October 4-5. He made a speech “Resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict: Sisyphean Toil” at the conference. Appreciating the work of the scientific conference, he said he has stayed in Artsakh to travel in the republic and familiarize himself with the present situation. Mr. Schmidt noted he is satisfied with the visit’s results as he collected enough information which he will share with his colleagues and the German public upon his return to the homeland.
The NA speaker thanked the high-ranking German guest for his visit to Artsakh and the interesting speech he delivered during the conference.

The interlocutors touched upon issues related to the establishment of public, parliamentary and other ties between Artsakh and Germany. They underlined the necessity of exchanging information between interested bodies and outlined work to be done by both sides.

08.10.2013, 18:12

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