Artush Margarian’s health improves

12/09/2013 17:36

Artush Margarian’s health improves

The health condition of Artush Margarian – the father of Lieutenant Gurgen Margarian who was brutally killed by Azerbaijani Ramil Safarov in Budapest in 2004 – has improved considerably.

“His health condition will stabilize soon,” surgeon Ara Voskanian told

Let us remind you that according to the RA Prosecutor General’s Office, around 8:00 am on September 5, 2013, the Malatia police unit of Yerevan was informed by Malatia Medical Center that at 07:50 am on the same day Artush Margarian was admitted to their center with a stab wound of the abdomen. He immediately underwent surgery.

A surgeon said following the operation, Margarian had four abdominal stab wounds and two non-penetrating cuts near the vein of his left hand.

According to preliminary information, Artush. Margarian attempted suicide.

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