Argentinian journalist receives Hrant Dink Award for Armenian Cause promotion in mass media

25/07/2015 12:30

Argentinian journalist receives Hrant Dink Award for Armenian Cause promotion in mass media

According to a decision of the Armenian National Committee of the Armenian Cause of Latin America, this year Marcelo Zlotogwiazda, who represents Argentinian Culture Ministry’s TV Channel Encuentro, was awarded the Hrant Dink Award. The awards ceremony took place at Armenian Cultural Association in Buenos Aires on July 22, according to Diario Armenia, the website of the Association.

“I was attracted by the principles and criteria that Hrant Dink followed when promoting the Armenian Cause in Turkey. He struggled for memory and justice on the one hand and tried to find a reconciliation between the Armenians and the Turks on the other,” Marcelo Zlotogwiazda said as he accepted the award.

He also expressed his admiration of Argentinian Armenian community’s efforts aimed at raising awareness of the Armenian Cause, the Armenian Genocide, and culture.

Among the themes the Argentinian journalist covered in his program La Vuelta de Zlot on Del Plata Radio was the case of Azerbaijani Ramil Safarov who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2006 for killing Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan during a NATO-sponsored training seminar in Budapest. Safarov was later extradited to Azerbaijan, pardoned by Ilham Aliyev and greeted there as a hero.

Diario Armenia reminds its readers that Hrant Dink was a journalist of Armenian descent, editor-in-chief of bilingual daily ‘Agos’. Turkish authorities persecuted the prominent journalist who denounced the Armenian Genocide and advocated reconciliation between Armenian and Turkish societies. H. Dink was assassinated in Istanbul in 2007.

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