Fall for Armenia tree project

25/09/2015 14:42

Fall for Armenia tree project

This fall Armenia Tree Project is planning a series of events to engage the public in environmental activities. Since last spring's public tree-planting and clean-up days were such a success, the people were left wondering when their next chance to contribute would be. Now that summer has come and gone, ATP invites these enthusiasts to join in its pursuit towards a greener Armenia.

For the first time ever ATP is opening the doors to its tree Nursery in Karin village for the public. The second Green tour will take place on September 26th (the first one was a success on September 24th). Our bus will leave from the Republic Square (in front of Armenia Marriott Hotel) at 12:00 and will return by 16:00.

This will give the public a chance to get an introduction about the hundreds of different types of trees, shrubbery and exotic plants that are propagated and prepared for planting by ATP. The trips will be hosted by Nursery Manager Samvel Ghandilyan and Chief Propagator Tigran Palazyan.

ATP's Cleanup the second major event in September will take place at pine grove near Mirak village of Aparan. On the 26th  of September ATP invites the public to aid in cleaning up that wonderful place that is struggling to grow amid plastic bags, bottles and the like. Transportation will leave at 09:30 from the Republic Square (in front of Armenia Marriott Hotel) and return to Yerevan by 16:00.

An environmental corner will be set up at the location, with an interesting and interactive lesson conducted for adults and children alike. All necessary equipment will be provided at the venue. The purpose of the cleanup is to give the small forest a chance to grow to its full potential and reduce some of the pollution that is steadily growing in Armenia.

ATP’s mission is to assist the Armenian people in using trees to improve their standard of living and protect the environment, guided by the desire to promote self-sufficiency, aid those with the fewest resources, and conserve the indigenous ecosystem. ATP's three major programs are tree planting, environmental education, and sustainable development initiatives.

The latest and largest of those initiatives is the Living Century Initiative launched in 2015. During 3-5 years we will have established 10 additional forests in northern Armenia that are aligned with the major Historic Armenian communities that were devastated by the Genocide. We invite you to join Armenians from around the world to sponsor trees in living memory and in honor of your relatives and their ancestral communities. Living Century gives you the opportunity to plant the new Moush, Kharpert or Marash forest, or wherever your family roots may have been.

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