Woman claims police officers used violence against her at police department – VETO initiative leader

07/04/2021 15:14

Woman claims police officers used violence against her at police department – VETO initiative leader

Leader of VETO initiative Narek Malyan urged the police officers first be men and then police officers.

“The same police officers will go today in the evening to congratulate their mothers and women on April 7 but few hours before they were using violence against women,” Malyan said.

He also noted that according to one of the apprehended women she was subjected to violence in the police department as well.

As to the action of the women who were taking an ottoman hat to the government, Malyan said, “They are serving Turkish agenda, why should they feel bad from it?”

He stressed that the authorities do not hide that they are serving the Turkish agenda.

“Let them put these hats on their heads and conduct cabinet sitting in this way for us to know that Turks have come and invaded our country and we decide what to do,” Malyan said.

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