Azerbaijan's steps create unfavorable atmosphere for reopening regional infrastructures - Armenia's parliament speaker

15/04/2021 16:43

Azerbaijan's steps create unfavorable atmosphere for reopening regional infrastructures - Armenia's parliament speaker

Speaker of Armenia’s parliament Ararat Mirzoyan met in St Petersburg today with the chairperson of Russian Federal Council Valentina Matviyenko in the sidelines of works of CIS Inter-parliamentary Assembly.

“The strategic relations between Armenia and Russia continue developing stably in different directions,” Mirzoyan said at the meeting.

He briefed to Russian counterpart the current situation over Artsakh issue after signing the trilateral statement on November 9, voicing the importance of the issue of immediate return of Armenian POWs and other captives by Azerbaijan.

The NA speaker stressed that Azerbaijan’s steps create unfavorable atmosphere for the implementation of works on reopening regional infrastructures.

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