Armenia ombudsman leaves for Gegharkunik province to get familiarized with the situation on the spot

15/05/2021 10:49

Armenia ombudsman leaves for Gegharkunik province to get familiarized with the situation on the spot

Armenia's Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan and representatives of his staff have left for Gegharkunik Province to get familiarized with the border situation on the spot.

Tatoyan wrote about it on Facebook Saturday morning.

“We left for Gegharkunik province of the Republic of Armenia (RA) with the representatives of our staff to get acquainted with the situation with the borders on the spot, to carry out fact-finding activities and to protect border residents’s rights

Since May 12, 2021, the Human Rights Defender has been receiving alarming reports from Vardenis, Kut, Norabak, and Verin Shorzha communities of Gegharkunik province in connection with obvious illegal presence of the Azerbaijani armed forces in the direction and vicinity of Gegharkunik civilian communities inside the RA border.

Investigations by the Human Rights Defender's Office, including the Gegharkunik unit, confirm that the criminal actions of the Azerbaijani military grossly violate the rights of border residents of the Republic of Armenia.

Residents expressed concerns that the presence of Azerbaijani servicemen in the vicinity of their communities endangered their lives and safety, and disturbed their peace and psychological immunity. They also noted that they can no longer use pastures, and given that they are engaged in cattle breeding, which is the source of income for their families, they can not keep cattle in pastures, and they have concerns for accessibility to irrigation and drinking water resources.

The Defender’s staff also recorded alarming reports in the media.

Armenia’s Human Rights Defender draws attention of international organizations to the fact that the aforementioned rights of the RA border residents are internationally recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

The results of the fact-finding activities will be summarized and sent to international organizations,” reads the respective statement posted on the Facebook page of Armenia’s ombudsman," Tatoyan wrote.

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